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Hi Donnie,

I was in the NTMSC class last weekend and wanted to drop a line to you telling you "good Job".

Scotty and the other folks were great and they really made the class a pleasure. I took the DPS test today and it was a breeze thanks to your organization's hard work. I'll have and will definitely recommend NTMSC to anyone!

Have a good one and ride safe man,

Tom Kelly

Dear Donnie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful crew for the outstanding instruction I received during the Basic Rider's Course last weekend. As a brand new rider, I was extremely nervous when I arrived to begin class that first day. Your patience and confidence in my abilities pushed me through. The classroom and range settings were wonderful and the supporting materials right on target.

I am especially appreciative of the extra time you and your staff took when I needed extra help.

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful experience. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you all, and the camaraderie among the staff and students was evident from the beginning. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Terri - Allen, TX


I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Instructors of NTMSC. Although the weekend of our course it rained the whole weekend, we were able to get the entire course accomplished. The classroom setting was comfortable, and informative. The practical application and riding instruction was very beneficial. I have been riding for several years, and this course teaches even the seasoned rider new and vital techniques to keep you SAFE. Thanks again for all support you provided, and look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Mitch F.

It was awesome!

I learned a lot and I couldn't have made a better decision in picking who I completed the course with!!!! I will stop by soon and visit!

Thanks again for everything.

Somer F.

I just took your Motorcycle Safety Course this weekend and cannot praise you and your staff enough. Tim, did an excellent job with the classroom time and was very open to questions and did a great job teaching in a way that made sense, especially to a new rider. The rider coaches made the job of getting on a motorcycle a painless and fun experience, as well as teaching valuable safety. Riding a motorcycle for a "newbie" can be very intimidating and your team did excellent job making everyone, regardless of their experience, feel comfortable and safe. I have already recommended your course to several people without any reservations and will recommend it to several more.

Thank you again for making the class comfortable, safe, friendly and very informative. I learned a lot, and will continue to practice what you guys taught and will be a safer rider because of it.

Please let me know when you guys roll out the advanced class, as I will be the first to sign up.

Scott V.


Just a note to let you know that I took the written motorcycle operator's test at the DMV the day after taking your course and got a 100. Everything on the test was covered in your course either in the classroom time, the riding time instruction or in the materials we were given. I cannot say enough good about the instructors and the overall way the course was presented. It was very informative and FUN especially to a beginner like me who has never ridden before. Thanks for a great weekend and the knowledge you gave the class to ride safely and smartly.

Now that I've got my license, I'm ready to buy a motorcycle and start rolling.

Thanks so much for everything. The class was fantastic, and I was really impressed and pleased with the amount of attention the students got from the instructors. You all made a long and difficult process very enjoyable. I will absolutely recommend you all to anyone and everyone I come across, and will do my best to send you as much business as I can.

-Goerge Crumley


Before taking the basic course I had no experience riding motorcycles. The NTMSC crew was professional and a great bunch of guys. They were there with the tips and constructive criticism, but I could tell they were there to help, not to haze the students. As a beginning rider, I'd highly recommend NTMSC's basic class to anyone wanting to learn to ride. The people in the class with months or years of riding experience seemed to enjoy it and get a lot out of the class too.

Mac - Plano, TX